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LeoLuca- Swimmer 5

I appreciate and highly recommend Paulina to anyone looking for a swim instructor. She is patient, encouraging and genuinely cares about the children she teaches.  My son LeoLuca has become a tremendous swimmer thanks to Paulina’s gentle approach and motivating tactics. She is able to keep my son focused and push him to the next level. Most of all she makes learning fun. My son always looked forward to his swimming lessons.

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Deven- Swimmer 4

Paulina is not your average swim teacher- she is way above that and more. Her ability to connect and motivate kids to want to swim, do better strokes and dives and help them understand safety in swimming is so valuable to me and my son. I always feel safe when my kid is taking a lesson from her. She holds him accountable yet also allows him to have fun. I would highly recommend Paulina to anyone and everyone. Your child will be an extra step ahead when it comes to swimming and safety.

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Alessia- Rookie Patrol

Paulina has also taught my thirteen-year-old daughter. She has given her the confidence and skills necessary to advance to the next swimming level. My daughter has just completed bronze medallion and did so with the help and reassurance of Paulina. I attribute her desire to become part of the life-saving society due to Paulina's efforts.


Both of my kids think Paulina is super cool!  She is great with kids and has helped them become successful swimmers. Thank you, Paulina!

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